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Radiological Information Systems & PACS

Our Radiology Information Systems(RIS) software is the best in the industry for managing medical imagery and associated data. Used in conjunction with Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) to manage work flow, interpretation reports management, streaming videos and images for interpretation reports, referral physician data, technician reports, document access and storage and billing and coding data.


UnitedProviders ability to provide all the features of RIS helps it stand out in the market.


Our unique features are

  • Patient Management – We track the entire workflow within the radiological department images and reports can be added to the retrieved from EMR’s.
  • Scheduling – We make appointments for both in and out-patients with the specific radiology department.
  • Patient Tracking – We can track the entire history of the patient and co-ordinate it with the past, present and future appointments.
  • Result Reporting – We generate statistical reports for a single patient, group of patients or a particular procedure.
  • Film Tracking – We track individual films and their associate data.
  • Billing – We facilitate detailed financial records keeping electronic payments and automated claim submissions.