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Billing & Coding

Our billing partners have been providing credentialing, medical billing and revenue enhancement services for over 13 years. We understand the importance of building trust. Currently we have more than fifty clinics and physician practices throughout the United States. We provide revenue enhancement services and billing for all specialties including diagnostic centers, gastroenterology, orthopedics, primary care, family medicine, cardiology, psychiatry, internal medicine, geriatrics, wound-care, nursing homes, home healthcare agencies, physical therapy groups and reproductive medicine.


UnitedProviders will provide both software and service to cater to the needs of EMR and Billing. Our PM service includes an electronic billing system that submits claims to Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies, in an organized and accurate manner that adheres to HIPAA regulations and standards. This solution provides electronic insurance verification (eligibility and benefits), and electronic claim submission, electronic remittance advice, claims edit engine (scrubber) and experienced billing professionals. Our Team provides credentialing, negotiation of physician contracts with insurance companies, and an effective follow-up process to ensure maxirmum benefits paid to the provider.


UnitedProviders offers different EMR and Practice Management software systems. United Providers is the distributor of choice of MDSuite software to area physicians, clinics, and healthcare institutions. UPI also uses and distributes other EMR and PM software systems such as AthenaHealth, eClinicalWorks, DrChrono and others.


Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC) Billing and Coding


At UnitedProviders, we are the ASC Revenue Cycle Experts.


UnitedProviders concentrates strictly on providing billing and coding solutions physicians and clinics including ambulatory surgery centers and is the fastest growing company in the industry. We are a nationally focused company with clients all over the country.


Our People


Simply put, our people are our greatest asset. We select people with strong intellect, sharp analytical minds, intense dedication and an undying passion for customer service. We then marry these characteristics with extensive training in the areas of coding, accounts receivable management, managed care contracting and compliance.


UnitedProviders concentrates 100% of its efforts on properly capturing all revenue and maximizing cash flow for freestanding surgery centers. It’s all we do, it’s all we think about, and we excel at it.

UnitedProviders utilizes its deep ASC expertise, experience and resources to ensure that our clients maximize their potential reimbursement by evaluating and assessing all aspects of the revenue cycle.


First, we aid our clients in the managed care contract analysis and negotiation process. From there, our highly skilled and specialized coders, all of whom are certified, help ASCs properly capture all revenue to ensure that they don’t leave money on the table. Then, our talented receivables management specialists work to maximize our clients’ cash flow by aggressively pursuing all outstanding accounts receivables.




The coding department at UNITEDPROVIDERS offers high quality, accurate ASC coding. We have a large team of certified coders, each with multiple years of ASC experience.


Coding and Billing Audits


UnitedProviders can provide a comprehensive review of the accuracy of your coding, billing and reimbursement practices. We can identify areas where you are not properly credentialed and/or contracted.


Managed Care Contracting


Improvement of managed care contracts can result in significant revenue gains for surgery centers. UnitedProviders has extensive experience assisting ASCs in managed care negotiation.


Our coders are Certified Professional Coders and have been coding for centers across the country for nearly fifteen years. In addition, we have performed numerous coding audits for physicians and clinics across the country, identifying compliance issues and areas of missed revenue. We  lead an outstanding team of the most experienced and skilled ASC coders.  We at UnitedProviders have developed a training program for new coders and also ensure that our team focus on getting extensive continuing education in ASC coding to ensure that all coders stay current with all of the trends and changes in the industry.   Our coders are all graduates in Bachelors in Science in Biology/Cell and Molecular Biology from reputed universities in the United States.


Surgical Coding Solution


We offer the entire spectrum of surgical specialty coding. All of our coders live-and-work in the United States.

We offer you coding specializing in:

• bariatric surgery
• cardiothoracic surgery
• colo-rectal surgery
• gastroenterologic endoscopy
• general surgery
• gynecologic surgery
• gynecologic oncology surgery
• neurosurgery
• ophthalmology surgery
• orthopaedics surgery
• orthopaedic upper extremity
• orthopaedic foot-and-ankle
• otolaryngology – head & neck surgery
• pediatric surgery
• plastic and reconstructive surgery
• podiatric surgery
• surgical oncology
• transplant surgery
• trauma and burn surgery
• urologic surgery
• open vascular surgery
• endovascular surgery
• peripheral vascular surgery

• Quick coding turnaround via courier, fax, or Internet. We can dial into your electronic medical record or transcription service
• HIPAA compliance and no documents are sent off-shore.
• Our collected revenues pricing is inexpensive and our team stabilizes cash flow. You only pay for what you collected.

• Never worry about revenue cycle “whiplash” caused by absences, vacations, family leaves, etc.

• No monthly minimums give you total control.
• Volume-driven pricing makes us an ideal ongoing solution for all practices
• Identification and feedback of documentation deficiencies at no additional cost
• A practical and cost-effective solution for your surgical coding needs